Obamacare Killing Jobs? It’s a Myth

Derek Thompson debunks the myth of an increase in part-time employment.

“The rise of part-time work seem to be 100 percent the creation of economic downturns. That’s why it seems to be holding hands with unemployment, riding the roller coaster up during recessions, and down during recoveries”

“But what about part-time employment for non-economic reasons? The story here is short and sweet: There is no story here. The share of Americans working part-time for personal reasons … is flat and trending down, according to the San Francisco Fed.”

“The entire increase in part-time employment happened before Obamacare became a law.”

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  • Lynda Groom

    A display of facts, figures and charts will not stop the right from pushing garbage to their hungry ignorant base.

    • embo66

      Or to America at large. Remember, Fox News is the most popular news program out there.

      That’s why helping spread the facts, figures, and charts is important!

      • Lynda Groom

        Of the cable news program Fox is the ratings leader. But cable news only reaches a very small portion of the viewing public.

        • embo66

          Well, that’s true. But I would take more comfort from that fact if network news were a better, less “journalism Lite” product.

    • AlecJ

      Actually those facts, figures and charts, say something completely different than what this article is trying to claim. In fact, even the San Fran Fed report says something completely different than the half a quote used.

      I suggest you do your own research and not blindly believe what a blog says. The only ignorant base is one that believes what they are told without question….

      Also,the Fed is a private bank which uses its reports to shape markets, so anything they claim should and would be double checked if the truth was actually the goal here. I checked with other reports including the usually universally accepted CBO…..I know, i know…..they only count when they back up what you want to believe.

      I just want the truth and i dont believe the government has been giving it to us. If you do….that is one thing i cant understand.

      Come on, we are being told that people being forced into working less (and making less money) are better off. That isnt logical.

      Its not about Fox News or any party, its about dishonest politicians trying to remain in power at any cost.

      • EricFromTheHill

        Care to share some of that CBO data? Also, you should give the entire Atlantic article a chance since, you know, you’re so committed to gathering all the information possible.

  • Doc3

    Ballocks. Zero is killing the Republic. The sooner we can be rid of Zero the better. Disgusting what passes for journalism these days.

  • marmo43

    the liberal bias media does not tell the whole truth but leans everything they say to uphold everything Obama does. Obama is a socialist and is not up holding the constitution as he swore to do. left or right which ever you are, you have to be a constitutionists. America was built on liberty for all not just for a few who deem themselves to be in POWER. The that news base Obama can do no wrong, while his administration if full of deceit, Bengazi, Irs nsa and obamacare. His years in the WH has been full of deception and crimes against America as we know it.

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