The Government’s Pizza Policy

Brad Plumer: “The roaring success of pizza isn’t entirely a free-market story. ‘In recent years, [the USDA] has spent many millions of dollars to increase pizza consumption among U.S. children and adults, explains Parke Wilde of Tufts University.'”

pizza consumption

“The USDA runs a ‘dairy checkoff program,’ which levies a small fee on milk (15 cents for every hundredweight of milk sold or used in dairy products) and raised some $202 million in 2011. The agency then uses that money to promote products like milk and cheese. And, as it turns out, pizza.”

The losers: fruits and vegetables.

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  • gjdodger

    Incorrect. The money is accrued by national and regional bodies run by farmers. Although the Ag Sec names the 36 members of the National Dairy Board, they are all producers and decide how to spend a third of the money. The rest goes to local bodies like the Midwest Dairy Board out here. All USDA does is sign off on the expenditures.

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