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March 27, 2015

The Death of the Death Penalty?

With Washington’s Gov. Jay Inslee’s announcement Tuesday that his state will not use the death penalty while he’s in office, the issue of the death penalty has been a topic of focus.

Pew Research Center: “While a majority of Americans (55%) favor the death penalty for persons convicted of murder, according to a 2013 Pew Research survey, that number has declined significantly over the last two decades.”


Scott Bland weighs in: “So far, Republican-leaning states haven’t joined the last decade worth of activity on the death penalty and same-sex marriage, reflecting how public opinion on both issues does remain polarized. But the burst of legislation, court decisions, and gubernatorial decisions in these blue states demonstrate how these two ‘culture war’ issues of two decades past have joined the political mainstream.”

  • dudleysharp

    86% Death Penalty Support: Highest Ever – April 2013
    World Support Remains High
    95% of Murder Victim’s Family Members Support Death Penalty

    • Ygorbla

      One cherry-picked poll from an obscure pollster doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of polls show, reliably, that the world is coming to increasingly see state-imposed executions for the barbaric and immoral things they are.

      You might have the blind trust in your government necessary to allow them to execute people based on their laws; but, increasingly, the rest of the world does not agree.

      • dudleysharp

        Angus Reid was the #1 most accurate pollster in the last US presidential election.

        Gallup was #26

        It appears that the majority populations of all countries support the death penalty for some crimes.

        US: a 99.6% accuracy rate in actually guilty findings in death penalty cases, with the 0.4% actually innocent being release.

        Maybe the most accurate sanction.

  • Will Bishop

    Of the three states with a “governor-imposed moratorium”, why are Washington and Oregon on the “states without death penalty” map while Colorado is on the other one?

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