Obamacare Enrollment Still Advances Despite State Opposition

Kaiser Health News provides an excellent summary of enrollment news and numbers in states where officials have opposed Obamacare or exchanges have experienced technical problems.

In Florida, for example, “despite state officials’ opposition to the Affordable Care Act and the relative scarcity of helpers available, Floridians are finding their way to Healthcare.gov and signing up for plans. Through the end of January, according to afederal report released Wednesday, nearly 300,000 Floridians had selected a plan through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.”

Other state summaries include:

  • Iowa – 4,300 January sign-ups despite crippling technical problems.
  • Texas – A steady climb continues with 89,500 sign-ups in January.
  • Pennsylvania – Exchange sign-ups break 100,000.
  • Oregon – Enrollment climbs with 33,000 in February despite non-working health insurance exchange.
  • Georgia – Enrollees now exceed 100,000.
  • Virginia – Nearly 30,000 January sign-ups.
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