Obama Uses Executive Power to Curb Truck Pollution

President Obama used his executive powers to take action against greenhouse gas pollution by directing the Environmental Protection Agency to develop new regulations for the reduction of carbon emissions from heavy-duty trucks.

New York Times: “The president said the Transportation Department and the Environmental Protection Agency would draft new fuel economy standards for trucks by March 2015 so that they could be completed a year after that as he rushes to put in place a new regulatory structure before leaving office.”

“Car and truck manufacturers in the United States have lobbied heavily against aggressive increases in federal fuel economy standards, saying that they could increase vehicle prices and diminish safety.”

“Pollution from transportation is the nation’s second-largest source of greenhouse gas pollution.”

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  • Gregory Williams

    Well clearly the conservatives opposed to better fuel economy and less pollution, all BIG PLUSES, want people to think that cleaner means less safe when there is NO connection between the two.

    The START THE LIES EARLY policy of conservatives should be ridiculed from one end of the country to the other.

    A cleaner fuel burning car or large truck is NOT less safe and conservatives should be ashamed for this out and out lie that will harm people and our economy.

  • Joe Wolfgang

    The federally mandated emissions systems are a nightmare already(and shuts off the engine while driving) and using the bio diesel voids the warranties….I guess nobody in DC is able to think………

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