• One could also look at the staggering amounts of gun deaths relative to other countries that have gun control and make the same point. But the larger issue is we have a majority of senators that after Sandy Hook voted for less gun control and not more. The voters and political class just don’t care about these statistics.

    • DanForTruth

      Alcatrazz did you even read the article! Gun control resulted in an increase in gun violance!

      • jwb209

        No. Repeal of the gun control law resulted in an increase in gun homicides…

  • sanderdog

    Gun control is a well aimed shot. Mental illness is the root cause of these incidents. What is being done about that? Nothing. About 80% of the deaths among young people are the result of teenagers, drugs and crime.

  • Biff Spackle

    The Crime Prevention Research Center has already debunked this nonsense:


    “Bottom line: You can’t do a study like this on one state over time. There are 17 states with “universal background checks” (see table below for laws up through beginning of 2007). You can’t just pick one state. Let me give you an example. You flip a coin 20 times — ten heads and ten tails. If you specifically picked just five heads from the sample, could you conclude that the coin was biased? Presumably not. There is research on these universal background checks across all the states. Indeed, the third edition of More Guns, Less Crimeprovided one study on this, and it didn’t show the benefit that are claimed by the Webster study at Hopkins claims here. The same goes for this study. Why pick one state when data exists for all the states?”


    a) It’s Taegan Goddard relaying the news
    b) It’s called the “Bloomberg School of Public Health”
    c) It’s Roll Call Magazine, the official publication of big government and anti-Constitutionalism

    • Hawkeye

      Sorry but this was a very carefully limited study on how one state’s laws affected a specific criminal behavior in that state. These laws are state by state and that enables a single state study legitimately to examine how they work specifically in the state they relate to.

      Answers a through c are irrelevant to the issue. Your test score is 0.

  • Chris Bergen

    What was the rate of increase BEFORE the 2007 repeal? I believe it was 35%.

    So the increase of gun crime was 35% in 2006, the then the gun law was repealed and the increase slowed to only 17%. I’d call that a win for repealing the law!!

    But it was nice of them to cherry pick the stats that seemed to agree with their agenda instead of telling the facts…

  • ericpedersen

    Lying asss Liberal scumbags

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