Unemployment Now Americans’ Top Problem

Gallup: “Americans have a new No. 1 problem. Nearly one in four Americans mention jobs and unemployment as the most important problem facing the country, up from 16% in January. The government and politicians had topped the list since the government shutdown in October.”

“Mentions of unemployment and jobs as the most important problem increased among all three party groups this month. However, the jump was greatest among Republicans, to 24% from 11% in January.”

Most Important Problem Facing the U.S., February 2014

Bottom Line: “Fears about employment and the economy may be linked to weaker-than-hoped-for jobs reports and flat job growth in the past few months.”

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  • Forrest

    …but by all means Congress, in 2014 lets do for the economy and unemployment what we did in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010… nothing. After all, most of congress are millionaires who belong to the investor class. The stock market is doing great. The rich have never had it better. So, why take any action to improve the economy? Better to vote on repealing ObamaCare for the 58th time or expand Obama’s drone wars / NSA madness…

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