Arkansas ‘Private Option’ Bill Defeated Again

AP: “Arkansas legislators have defeated for a second day in a row a compromise plan to expand Medicaid by purchasing private insurance, leaving the state’s health program for poor residents in jeopardy.”

“The House voted 68-27 Wednesday to reauthorize funding for the “private option,” falling seven votes shy of the 75 needed to continue the program. It’s the second time the legislation has failed in the House.”

New York Times: “The House speaker, Davy Carter, has said the House will keep voting on the measure until it passes.”

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  • Gregory Williams

    This proves conservatives will not support their own versions of PPACA options – when push comes to shove they just can’t find it in themselves to do something good for people and they always go for their standard default position of screw the people and inflict as much pain & misery as they can on the poor and the middle class.

    This is not just about the people who have gotten health coverage for the first time in years if not in their lives who may lose it in just a few months but it is also about nearly a quarter million more people in that state whom they promised to cover if they were given this opportunity to do it the conservative way – if they fail to do that it proves that Obamacare is the only way to go until we adopt a universal not for profit health care financing system in this country … the Feds should be ready to de-certify the Arkansas option and impose a more standard Obamacare model on that state for the good of its people that conservatives seem h3ll bent on to ruin things for.

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