Americans Want Answers on Keystone XL Pipeline

The Hill: “A majority of U.S. voters want to know where the crude oil transported through the Keystone XL pipeline will end up, according to a new poll released Thursday.”

The poll, commissioned by billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s group NextGen Climate Action, shows that “voters aren’t aware of the final destination for crude oil that would flow through the proposed Keystone pipeline.”

“85 percent of registered voters want to know where the crude oil coming from Canada will go and want their lawmakers to ask questions.”

Meanwhile, support from former Obama administration officials, continues: Marcia McNutt, who headed the U.S. Geological Survey recently announced her support of the pipeline.

“Earlier this month, Ken Salazar, former Interior Secretary said he thinks the administration should green light the $5.4 billion project.”

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  • Gregory Williams

    Obama can make this work if all of the tar sands are processed in to market ready products BEFORE they leave Canada .. Canada profits from this more than the US does and they should keep all of the toxic and poisonous pollutants from it on their soil because US processors have no credibility for protecting the US from toxic by products and toxic waste of processing ANY hydro carbon based fuel source whether it is coal, natural gas/oil from fracking, oil products and especially TAR SANDS – so let Canada enjoy the waste from the TAR SANDS along with any profits such creates – we can profit from relatively cleaner products in the pipe line and as a transshipping provider collecting service fees that do not include taking the waste on to our soil.

    • embo66

      That’s never gonna happen. Canada already has a number of refineries right near the Alberta Tar Sands, but they clearly aren’t capable of handling current output — much less the projected 400-600% greater output were the pipelines to be built.

      Canada desperately wants KXL so they can get their crude to market, period. That includes getting it to more refineries along all the proposed pipeline routes. But it most especially means getting as much as possible to the Gulf, where it can be exported at world market prices (not the internal U.S. prices refined TS oil now goes for).

  • embo66

    It’s depressing that so many Americans don’t even know the “final destination” for Canada’s Tar Sands crude. That’s testament to the mighty lack of real content in much of today’s news media, particularly on TV.

    If they knew, I’m pretty sure a LOT more would be against this utter boondoggle. Canada wants the U.S. to build KXL so that they can get their nasty oil to the world market. Period. All along the way from Alberta down through Texas, multinational giants like Exxon and BP, oil nations like Saudi Arabia, and refinery owners like the Koch Brothers will benefit from refining all that Tar Sands crude — largely at taxpayer expense (well over a $ billion in subsidies).

    It’s a mystery to me how this warped project ever got this far.

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