Maryland Surpasses its Obamacare Enrollment Goal Thanks to Glitch

The Washington Post reports that Maryland has met its state’s first enrollment goal for its health insurance exchange thanks to a technical glitch.

“For months, it looked like Maryland would barely meet, or even miss, the first enrollment goal for its new health insurance exchange. But it turns out the goal was based on flawed data, and the state’s new goal is one that it has already beat.”

“Instead of signing up 260,000 Marylanders for private plans or Medicaid during the first enrollment period, as was the original goal, the state is only expected to get 160,000, according to a letter the exchange’s interim executive director received from researchers Friday. So far, sign-ups tally nearly 190,000.”

“Hilltop Institute researchers will revise their work, but in the meantime they provided this ‘reasonable estimate’ for the first enrollment period: 70,000 Marylanders in private plans and 90,000 in Medicaid for a total of 160,000.”

“And that’s a goal the state has already surpassed with a month to spare.”

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