Obamacare Enrollment Tops 4 Million

National Journal: Approximately 4 million people have purchased insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges, President Obama told volunteers at an Organizing for Action summit in Washington on Tuesday.

“Enrollment has recovered much of the ground it lost in October and November … and it now seems all but impossible that the law will collapse on its own, as its Republican critics predicted.”

“In light of the issues with HealthCare.gov, the Congressional Budget Office now expects roughly 6 million people to sign up for private coverage this year.”

Caveats: “They don’t reflect how many people have actually paid their first premium, activating their coverage. … HHS also hasn’t said how many enrollees were previously uninsured.”

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  • Brambles

    How wonderful… they’ve signed up 6 million, 5 million have lost their policies, and fully 30 million will remain uninsured when the ACA is fully implemented. Your legacy is assured, Mr. President.

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    4 million is a lie. Actual enrollment is much lower.

    The overwhelming majority of Obamacare’s new insured are unfortunates dumped into the semi-functional lethally catastrophic failed program known as Medicaid.

    We won’t see enrollment of the “young invincibles” even approach the 7 million or 40% mark necessary for the Obamacare model to work. 25% seems like a tough goal, 30% completely beyond reach.

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