Where is the GOP’s Obamacare Alternative?

Jonathan Chait explains why a Republican health-care alternative to Obamacare may never emerge: It’s much easier to criticize the existing health-care law than to create a viable alternative.

“Lots of people treat the Republican Party’s inability to unify around an alternative health-care plan, four years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, as some kind of homework assignment they keep procrastinating on.”

“It’s that there’s no plan out there that is both ideologically acceptable to conservatives and politically defensible. Carping from the sidelines is a great strategy for Republicans because status quo bias is extremely powerful.”

“Republicans can exploit the disruption of the transition to Obamacare unencumbered by the reality that their own plans are even more disruptive.

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  • AnthonyLook

    The Republican Healthcare plan- is at your local morgue. Waiting for you.

  • dogpal

    If the Republicans came up with their plan, or solved the problem they use concerning the ACA, what would they talk about or vote on in the House?

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