Poll: Keep Obamacare

The latest Kaiser Health Tracking poll indicates that although public opinion remains negative of the health care law, most want Obamacare kept in place rather than repealed.

Majority Wants Congress To Keep Health Care Law In Place

When asked about the reasons behind rising health care costs, the public finds plenty of sources to blame, with Obamacare ranking tenth on the list.

Hospital Charges, Fraud And Waste Viewed As Top Reasons For Rising Health Care Costs

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  • albert yester

    I believe this article is a pack of lies.

  • Econ101lab

    I’d love to see the methodology in this poll. What’s the mix of Dem/Republican?
    Was it taken in the lobby of the MoveON.org offices? Did Kaiser really think anyone would believe this?

  • Steven D. Pike

    Wow, please forgive me for being skeptical of this poll. Perchance might it be a bunch of hooey?

  • Jibber Jabber Joe

    People want to keep all the stuff that was hyped but cannot be provided, but they want to dump what the program REALLY provides (misery, death panels, increased costs, waste, etc.). Since democrats are the most simple people and are therefore easiest to dupe, and because they believe they’re getting something free, they want to keep it.

  • MerleMorrigan

    Often I read the reactions of the trolls, just to laugh at them,inwardly.

    • bigtoad45 .

      People cannot have an opinion?… Your a true communist, ay comrade?..

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