Obamacare is More Popular Than the Olympics

National Journal: “Nearly six in 10 Americans (58 percent) reported following the health law’s implementation ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ closely in February, according to a new [Kaiser Family Foundation] poll, while only 47 percent said they followed the Winter Olympics coverage as intently.”

And Obamacare topped the list among most popular health care news with the release of the Congressional Budget Office report about the health care law’s impact on employment (48%).

Health Policy News Index, February 2014: ACA Implementation Is Most Closely Followed Health Policy Story

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  • lookolook

    Something that affects the lives of every American, you would’ve thought that the GOP and their elected officials will be more altruistic about it especially as they want to be known as a party with family values, but no, they don’t want no health care for nobody expect for themselves and their corporation election funders. Perhaps, these types of poll results will one way or the other influence their perspectives, that there are other Americans besides themselves who want good health, prosperity and the good life.

  • dankleitman

    I assume you realize that while many Americans paid close attention to ‘Obamacare’ and its implementation, a strong majority of those that did so disapproved of it. It is only among entertainers that all attention, positive or negative, is valuable, by preventing one’s being forgotten.

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