Obamacare’s Most ‘Ardent Supporters’: Republicans

Greg Sargent discovers a new trend: “Republican candidates in 2014 who, when discussing health care, sound an awful lot like the most ardent supporters of the Affordable Care Act.”

Sargent points to a number of Republicans who – while not naming Obamacare – are embracing the fundamental tenets of the ACA.

It’s “possible we’re now seeing the beginnings of how Obamacare fades as an issue. Republicans abandon repeal and start rhetorically accommodating parts of the law and/or its overall moral goals, without offering their own solutions, and it slowly bleeds into something of a wash (though it will probably remain a net negative for red state Dems), even as other things (the candidates, the economy, local concerns) take over as more important factors.”

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  • lookolook

    It’s a moral and ethical thing to do for helpless and hapless Americans. It’s a good thing. It’s the law of the land. I think the GOP lawmakers and their supporters are gradually coming to the realization that fighting against the ACA is increasingly adding up to diminishing returns on a lost cause investment – fighting against the windmill with a spear, like Don Quixote.

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