California Turns To Pacific Ocean for Drinking Water

“California is getting some much needed rain this week, but more than two-thirds of the state is still in extreme drought conditions, and that has the state thinking about alternative ways of getting water,” NPR reports.

“On the coast in Carlsbad, Calif., construction workers are building what will be the largest seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. When finished in early 2016, it is expected to provide up to 50 million gallons of fresh drinkable water every day…”

“The process involves taking water from the Pacific Ocean, removing the silt, sand and ‘organics,’ then pressurizing the water through very fine membranes. The technical name is reverse osmosis. And the result? Every 2 gallons of seawater that goes in, 1 gallon of high-quality drinking water comes out.”

And the best part is it’s droughtproof.

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  • And as global warming effects kick in, they’ll be able to do it in downtown Los Angeles.

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