Obama Grants Health Plans Two-Year Reprieve

“The Obama administration said consumers can keep insurance plans that don’t comply with the federal health law for another two years, pushing a potential firestorm over cancellations until after midterm elections,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Previously, some consumers could keep insurance plans that didn’t comply with the Affordable Care Act until roughly the end of this year, as long as their state regulators and insurance company allowed it. Now, consumers will have up to an additional two years to do so, putting their plans in place until roughly 2016.”

New York Times: “The action helps Democrats in tight midterm election races because it avoids the cancellation of insurance policies that would otherwise have occurred at the height of the political campaign season this fall.”

Roll Call: “In a move that was pre-emptively attacked by House Republican leaders, the administration said plans that were grandfathered for one year after millions received cancellation notices in the individual market will now be able to continue, but will not be able to be renewed after Oct. 1, 2016. The announcement means an estimated 500,000 people in those plans won’t get cancellation notices right before the midterm elections, but does set up a situation where some could get cut off right before the next presidential election.”

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  • easton

    it is no big deal as most of these people will be dropping their plans as a matter of course. The staying power on the individual marketplace was never very long as people bought it as a stop gap.

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