CBO Projects Lower Obamacare Costs

The latest Obamacare analysis by the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the health care law’s coverage provisions will cost roughly $1.5 trillion over the next decade, $9 billion less than expected.

National Journal: The CBO report “doesn’t cover the whole law, and CBO reiterated that it expects the law to reduce the federal deficit. Tuesday’s analysis … didn’t include Medicare savings or new taxes on drug and medical-device companies, which offset the costs of expanding coverage.”

The revised projection is due in part to lower than projected enrollment: “roughly 1 million fewer people will obtain health insurance on the exchanges and 1 million fewer people will sign up for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.”

And “that insurance companies priced exchange premiums lower than the agency had anticipated.”

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  • Zolaman

    So if I am understanding this correctly the reason their is so much cost saving is the poor south that really needed this coverage has refused it, thus making Obamacare more cost effective.

  • stasis

    So Obamacare will cost about half as much as the Iraq war. That’s quite a bargain.

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