House Votes on Bill to Block EPA Carbon Emissions Rule

In a vote divided along partisan lines, the House voted to override the proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule limiting carbon emissions from future coal-fired electricity plants.

The Hill: “The bill is a response to a proposed EPA rule Republicans say would require new coal-fired plants to achieve an emission standard that is virtually impossible using today’s widely available technology. Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.), the bill’s sponsor, says that means the rule will effectively ban new power plants.”

“Democrats attacked the bill as an attempt to undermine efforts to control carbon emissions from electricity plants.”

The White House threatens to veto the bill.

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  • avahome

    We are hearing a lot about this in our local Rural Cooperative Network magazine in Missouri. Now this local cooperative had just raised rates 9% this past year and are very worried about rate increases due to EPA requirements. I have no idea just what it takes to fuel a power plant… I feel there is a lot of info we are just ignorant about. West Virginia comes to mind…would hate to see the mess they have on their hands here in the Ozarks.

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