Negative Public Opinion of Obamacare Inches Upward

Gallup: “Despite the extraordinary emphasis on fixing problems with the healthcare exchanges that marred the initial rollout of the law, and a national campaign to enroll more Americans through the exchanges, most Americans remain unconvinced that the law will be beneficial to their families in the long run. By 40% to 21%, Americans say the law is more likely to make their families’ healthcare situations worse rather than better, with the rest saying it will make little difference.”

Trend: Americans' Views of the ACA's Ability to Improve Families' Healthcare Situations

In addition: “What may be more disappointing is the growing percentage of Americans who feel the law has already hurt them and their families, though, at 23%, this remains relatively small in absolute terms.”

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  • EricFromTheHill

    Gallup is just wasting time polling this question so often (and as far as I’ve seen, they haven’t done much to repair their survey methods to any real extent). As the conservative echo chamber keeps railing against the law, despite what the actual data tells us, that 40-44% will be convinced it is the end of the free market as we know it no matter what. We already know what they’re going to say. It will take a generational shift to get that number down. And in ten years, at least 30% will be firmly convinced that Obamacare has ravaged our economy, no matter what the reality of the situation is.

    The bigger story is the 57% who say it will be neutral at worst, including 21% who say the law will be helpful. I’d wager that these people are the ones who stand to benefit most from the law, keeping in mind the vast majority of Americans already had insurance and Obamacare will present minimal changes for them, if any.

    The figure of people saying that it has already hurt have very likely seen their costs go up, which happens all the time. What is new is that they now have a boogeyman to pin that on. So of course they will believe it has already hurt because they have a correlation for an event with no context (i.e., how big was the increase relative to other annual increases). Gallup, to be plain about it, doesn’t have a clue as far as contextual analysis and currently sucks as a polling outfit.

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