Only Germany Recovered Quicker From Recession Than United States

Economic Report of the President: “In particular, recoveries from financial crises are uniquely challenging because heavy household debt burdens and tight credit conditions can linger for years, depressing spending and investment. However, as shown in Figure 1-4 of the Report, among the 12 countries that experienced a systemic financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, the United States is one of just two in which output per working-age person has returned to pre-crisis levels.”

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  • Jeremy Goldberg

    So what? The whole Increase has been grabbed by the greedheads on top. That’s only a recovery if you take their point of view.

  • worst. socialist. evar.

  • johenriksen

    Norway did even better.

  • centerroad

    Germany used Keynesian policy to perfection, they targeted their stimulus to the highest mutlipliers, and they filled the demand gap by subsidizing business to keep workers employed, among an arsenal of other measures.

    A model for how to engineer an economy in crisis. How there can be any debate about the success of Keynes after that performance is beyond logic.

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