Most Don’t See Global Warming as a Threat

Gallup: “The majority of Americans continue to believe that the effects of global warming are happening or will begin to happen during their lifetimes. At the same time, many fewer, currently 36%, believe global warming will pose a serious threat to their way of life during their lifetimes.”

Trend: Expectations for Global Warming During Lifetime

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  • Jesse4

    Well, there’s some truth to that idea, as most of the worst effects of global warming really will be after most people living now are dead. Most of the older respondents at least, are probably right.

  • Samt

    Their children will, and curse them.

  • Samt

    Frankly, the train has left. If we stopped emitting carbon tomorrow morning it is too late. Like a snowball rolling down hill, the warming effects are sustaining themselves. The permafrost is going in the next twenty or so years, game over, polar caps will melt, seal levels will rise, and it’ll be hot.

  • justaguy

    Global warming is a scam, perpetrated by politicians who care not one whit about scientific fact. 40 years ago, the cover of Time magazine had a cover proclaiming global cooling. Now it is global warming. There is absolutely no science to back this up.

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