It’s a Great Time to Be Rich in America

Christopher Ingraham: “The OECD just released the seventh edition of its Society at a Glance report … The top-line finding for the United States is that the share of pre-tax income going to the top 1 percent of earners continues to be the highest among OECD countries, standing at 19.3 percent in 2012.”

And the flipside: “The OECD finds that relative poverty rate in the United States is 17.4 percent, the fifth-highest among member countries. And while the wealthy may have gained back their recession losses, the poorest have not: The number of Americans reporting instances of not being able to afford enough food for their families has risen by 50 percent since the start of the crisis.”

one percent share of income

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  • pitch1934

    Duh! Anytime is a great time to be rich.



    I think what’s worse than the Republicans deliberately stalling, and dragging their feet these past several months, is that they’ve made us feel that we’re actually wrong to expect help from the government. There are others (employed) that think the same way also. But I would like to remind the politicians and some of the public, that we unemployed, have worked many years paying into the system , for others who were in need of help. This money came out of our paychecks in the form of taxes. These taxes were also used to bail out the Banking and Airline industries, several years back. I’m sure I don’t need to remind everyone, that after the bailouts, the CEO’s of these companies were actually given huge Bonuses. Only in America can a corporation destroy an economy, get bailed out, and give themselves huge bonuses. All thanks to you and me the tax payers. (the 99%). There wasn’t much debate in the congress and senate to decide to use tax payers money to bail out these greedy corporations. However, the unemployed have had to wait patiently, hoping and praying that the senate will pass the unemployment extension bill to help them. Just the other day the congress approved a billion dollar foreign aid bill for the Ukraine. Again, the bill seemed to pass quickly through the congress. There was no waiting or debate about approving it. The unemployed have been used by both political parties, as “bargaining chips”, and “political leverage”. They’ve been playing “party politics” while these families have faced evictions, home foreclosures, bankruptcy, and homelessness. These families have been hurting these past three months, while the senate takes break after break, vacation after vacation, all in the hope that the unemployed would just go away. However, I wish to remind them, that we are angry and will make sure we’re heard on election day at the polls. There is more than two million of voters who have been affected by their lack of compassion and human decency. And we will be heard loud and clear at the polls

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