Forecast Shows Obamacare Beating its Enrollment Goal

Wonkblog: Charles Gaba has “been tracking the most up-to-date enrollment information and offering his own projections on his blog, On the same day that he predicted the 5 million signups milestone, he accurately predicted that California would hit the 1 million mark.”

“His next big prediction: The final sign-up tally will hit 6.22 million.”

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  • lookolook

    So, the sky has not fallen after all. Maybe the Armageddon predicted by Republicans might still take place – in their camp by 2014 or 2016.

    • One can only hope.

      … and donate, and vote, and organize, and campaign.

      • lookolook

        I agree and will do my best in any area that I could be useful.

    • Mar

      “…beating its enrollment goal”
      It’s lowered enrollment goal, not its original enrollment goal. And the percentage of young people is still way too low, which is a bigger problem than overall enrollment. More globally, people need to ask, has all this upheaval been worth the payoff here? If you’re lucky enough to be subsidized I suppose.

      • exObjectivist

        More to the point, if you are UNLUCKY enough to have a pre-existing condition? Absolutely.

        We should all be happy, and proud, for that alone.

        • jimbeau11

          People who don’t have a conscience have the ability to be proud. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • lookolook

        The answer to your question is: yes, the upheaval has been well worth the payoff. What you call upheaval is completely necessary because the old system is unsustainable and was heading for total collapse that could bring the ecomony of the Country to its knees. Things will settle gradually and the benefits of the new system will become apparent. People like you should stop hyperventillating about ObamaCare. It has come to stay and if there are some aspects of the Law that needs improvement, that should be the goal of everybody. Whether the Democrats win or lose the next elections is beside the point. ObamaCare is a Legacy that that will benefit Americans yet unborn. That is gradually becoming a settled opinion amongst reasonable people.

        • Steve

          The majority of Americans don’t want this junk “law”. Guess that never matters to democrats, eh?

      • Are you lucky enough to have a mortgage tax credit?

        Then your home ownership is ‘subsidized’ in EXACTLY the same way – by a tax credit.

        The Obamacare tax credit is ADVANCED to insurers in advance of tax time next year; and is a subsidy — at least for those making under $46K each.

        Don’t believe me? Believe the IRS:

        • Steve

          It’s not the same way.

          One is a choice. The other is being unconstitutionally mandated.

    • Yossi Gestetner

      Admin and CBO initially expected 7M signups.

      20% “enrolees” dont pay as per Carney so they are not covered.

      Hitting 6.2M “enrolees” would mean 4.96M actual sign-ups.

      More than 5M actual policies were canceled due to Obamacare.

      Enjoy this post before the editor who strives on usefull idiots like you, pulls it!

      • nycguy

        Two hours and the post is still here. Perhaps you give yourself too much importance.

        • oh, i love the paranoid victim talk of the right-wing movement rump

      • Lorehead

        20% is the upper end of one estimate of the number of people who hadn’t yet sent in their first payment in March, presumably because they had signed up less than one month ago. Interpreting that to mean that 20% of enrollees will never, ever pay is absurd. You are likewise misinterpreting the number of “cancelled” policies, and in addition many people, such as me, bought new policies off the exchanges and are therefore not counted as enrolled “under Obamacare.”

        A more relevant number would be the percentage of uninsured and underinsured people.

      • lookolook

        You’re a piece of work. I didn’t ask you to respond to my write up. You’re a liar as portrayed by your infantile response that has no basis in truth. Take your hate somewhere else, fool.

  • nomad28

    C’mon Teagan! Are you that desperate of an Obama cheerleader that you’re giving credence to a random dude with a blog that made a projection?

    • Yeah! First we had Nate silver and his lies and… Oh wait, he was right wasn’t he?

      • CityDaisy

        Yeah, because every left leaning lunatic with a blog and a prediction is now 100% correct because….Nate Silver. Get a grip, LWNJs and enjoy the economic repercussions of this piece of cr*p legislation called Obamacare. “It’s so great, I’m exempt!” should be the Dem slogan for ’16.

  • OldmanRick

    Wow, 6.2 million out of over 300 million. What a fantastic financial failure by the dims. What we really need to know is the number of folks who will not be covered by this boondoggle known as obamacare.

    • Bob

      Its not out of the whole population, it’s the ppl who weren’t insured or were stuck in COBRA. As for the number of people not covered? It’s less than it was without the ACA. it’s not perfect and its not 100% but it’s better.

      • OldmanRick

        It is still estimated that 30+ million individuals will still be uninsured after all the dust settles. It may even be more since the young are not flocking to obamacare. And, apparently illegal aliens will be covered by registering under the Medicaid provision of this bill.

    • Thanks for your obtuse view of the world, old man. I’m sure there’s a lot of halfwits out there who genuinely appreciate a like-minded analysis. Kudos for helping to fill this gap.

      • OldmanRick

        You are most welcome since you appear to be a lifetime member of said aforementioned group.
        BTW, if memory serves this bill was initiated to provide health coverage for an alleged 30+ million uninsured citizens. Yet, only slightly over 5 million currently have signed up. That’s not to say how many have paid their first premium since HHS can’t, won’t, or doesn’t know. Doing the math the old fashioned way, it appears that 20% or less eligible are registered. At best using his projection for a total of 15.2 million, only slightly more than 50% of those eligible will be in the program.

        • Gregory Williams

          Your math and numbers are WRONG … stop spewing partisan lies.

          • OldmanRick

            Read Washington Post.

        • woodt

          It was not design to cover 30+ million in it’s first three months. That is once all the laws go into effect. Including employers that previously don’t offer insurance for there full time employees to either purchase it or pay a fee. It also includes the increase numbers of Seniors going onto Medicaid. The Original goal was 7 Million. Looks like its going to be more around 5-6 Million.6 million was a revised bill after the failed roll out. So this article does have a few Pinocchio’s.

          • dba_vagabond_trader

            Its the law!

          • woodt

            Another point I would like to make is despite missing the original goal of 7 million by the end of March, this is still 6 million more then the republicans goal of 0.

          • Steve

            Will you be saying that when the new repeal obozocare law takes effect?

      • dba_vagabond_trader

        Common core math I presume?

        • You probably presume a lot of poor judgments. Of course, you’re welcome to it.

    • Anwar Alimumal

      Most of us get our insurance thru our employees and are not eligible to apply as individuals. So if one does not this simple fact, their opposition to the law is simply biased. It does not mean this law is perfect. We can work to improve this law.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Subtract new medicaid recipients plus those who lost their insurance due to government interference and have not been able to find a comparable plan. The actual number is probably in the low 5 figures. These commies are pathological liars.

    • unskew the polls!

    • Steve

      We haven’t even gotten to the part where employers start to remove employees from their current medical plans. Just wait!

  • tamscojohn

    I thought the goal was 7 million

    • Steve

      It was. And, it was 7 million who paid . . . not “enrolled”.

      Anyone who believes these clowns of the obozo admin, at this point, deserves to be taken to the woodshed by obozo. You just have no brains at that point.

  • DKDC

    6.2 million enrolled under the Democratic health insurance program.

    That’s 6.2 million more than the republicans were hoping for with their plan.

    • Steve

      You fools sure do buy in to all of the lefts bs, as long as it is in your form of “news” that obozo controls. Damn you fools are truly stupid.

  • daisy12

    The lies the GOP spreads about Obamacare to stir up their trash base are unbelievable. Unfortunately, the GOP’s own voters don’t care whether they are lied to by their leaders. All they want to do is stop this liberal n—–r who somehow got elected by the people.

    • Steve

      Hey daisy,

      Can you explain, then, as to why many democratic congressmen and women are running from this “law” as fast as they can just prior to November? I don’t think it has to do with trying to appease Republicans. Duh!

      • daisy12

        Most Dems are not “running away from” but saying they want to amend the law. That’s because they are running in red-leaning states. Republicans still dream that Obamacare will go away someday, but it won’t. They were never able to get rid of Medicare either.The GOP has no no interest in helping anybody get access to health care. They love to bitch about their base’s premiums going up and their “freedom” being lost. Yes, we know their brains are hard-wired differently. All the old white-haired farts who love their Medicare and vote Republican are the biggest hypocrites of all.

        • Steve

          If the Repubs had no interest, then why are there bills sitting on dirty harry’s desk that he refuses to move forward?

          • daisy12

            Because they don’t amount to a hillbilly bunch of beans
            and are not serious in helping people get access to or afford health care–ie vouchers, credits, brownie points!!!

  • CityDaisy

    Interesting how someone named Charles Gaba has these figures at hand but when asked how many paid, active enrollees we have to date, we get the deer in headlights look from this administration. You know, the administration that’s except from the law…

  • Steve

    Guess what they call the obama sheeple who STILL support their buffoon “president”?

    Super suckers!

    Guess what they are called if they supported obozo, buthave finally learned not to?


  • Steve

    To those of you still supporting the buffoon in chief and his “law” . . .

    When. You get screwed by him and the law, don’t expect the rest of us to bail your arses out. We’ve had enough of you losers.

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