Give the Common Core a Chance

Bloomberg View Editors comment on the possibility that Indiana will be the first state to fully withdraw from the Common Core.

Common Core opponents believe that it “represents a federal takeover of education policy. In fact the standards, which are voluntary, were developed by the country’s governors.”

“The repeal effort in Indiana reflects an escalating battle over the Common Core standards, but so far repeal proponents are losing in Republican-leaning states … Florida modestly tweaked its Common Core standards, with Republican Governor Rick Scott rebranding them ‘Florida’s Standards.’”

“Such tinkering, or even rebranding, is inevitable. What can’t happen is ditching the idea of higher uniform standards altogether.”

“Because even though education is a local responsibility, it is a national priority. The value of the Common Core standards is that they recognize both of these realities: They’re universal standards that came from the bottom up, not the top down. They can be unraveled the same way.”

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  • UnionLeague

    The Common Core is a direct threat to the Republicans because you have to learn history and science and that challenges and refutes all of their most cherished prejudices, falsehoods and messianic fantasies.

  • zappa24

    Critics also think it was started by President Obama. While the standards themselves were developed in 2009, the discussions on creating a common set of standards across states started back in 2007, and the final discussions that led to the group that developed the standards were in done in 2008.

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