Obamacare at Age Four: Unpopular, But Public Wants Law to Stay

A new Pew Research poll shows that as Obamacare’s fourth anniversary nears, most (53%) still disapprove of the law, compared with 41% who approve. Still, “when opponents are asked about the law’s future, more want elected officials to try to make it work than to make it fail.”

Table showing Obamacare opponents want law to work as well as possible

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  • Andrew Dunstan

    Now chop those who disapprove into those who think it doesn’t go far enough and those who think it goes too far. What you’ll find is that there is a majority who either approve or don’t think it goes far enough. The Tea Party Taliban are not in the majority, or anything like it.

  • Lorehead

    The plurality of Republicans who want their party to make the nation’s health-care system fail should be ashamed of themselves. Suppose that, instead of the lives and health of tens of millions of Americans, we were talking about something they cared about, such as a war in the middle east. They would call what they just did treason.

    • Steve

      We just got rid of one of the best health care systems in the world for one of the worst in obozocare. Ya, that makes sense. That would be like trading in Reagan for obozo.

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