Many Unemployed May Never Work Again

Binyamin Appelbaum: A new economic paper, “presented Thursday at the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity, is part of a growing body of research showing that the prospects of people who lose jobs deteriorate rapidly unless they find new jobs quickly.”

“So why do the people who persist in trying become less successful with time? ‘Either because, on the supply side, they grow discouraged and search for a job less intensively or because, on the demand side, employers discriminate against the long-term unemployed, based on the (rational or irrational) expectation that there is a productivity-related reason that accounts for their long jobless spell.’”

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  • Larry McAwful

    Wonderful. So after nine fruitless months of job searching, at the tender age of 44, this is what I have to look forward to? Perpetual unemployment? It’s true that I’m not getting as much attention paid to my résumés, and I’ve been getting fewer and fewer interviews. I’m not sure what the point in looking is, anymore.

    If there’s nothing to look forward to but a fruitless job search, what’s the point in anything anymore? Has someone picked me as a failure?

    • Extra Bullet

      I’d suggest to educate yourself further or accept less pay. Millions of people from other countries are doing this in the hopes to have even a fraction of what you have now.

      • While both might be viable options for any one individual, they aren’t really viable on the scale of the whole country, unless the productivity increases of the last 30-40 years are more evenly distributed. The chances there seem slim, unless you are suggesting that he and others like him start improving their skills at fomenting and prosecuting a revolution. That’s usually a young person’s game too though.

      • Larry McAwful

        Educate myself? Really? These one-size-fits-all answers don’t really hold water most of the time. I’ve got a master’s degree and four teaching certifications. Teachers’ salaries have been cut in my state, and the legislature is soon to vote on expanding charter schools, a measure that’s expected to pass. Charter schools pay roughly two thirds what you can expect to get from public schools, so I’m already stuck with the option of accepting less pay.

        I’ve got a family to support and rent to pay. I’ve given up on ever buying a house. It’s easy to smugly say that we’ve got it better in the US than in other countries, but it’s getting worse here, which is unacceptable, because it doesn’t have to get worse. This is what it’s like out here in the real world.

        • embo66

          Ouch, that’s tough.

          One chief problem is the “stigma” that somehow attaches to folks who have been out of work for a long time. I know Obama has gotten pledges from at least 300 companies to make sure these applicants aren’t just automatically tossed out, etc.

          Is it possible for you to relocate to a state that hasn’t embraced the charter school fallacy, or whose economy is doing better than (apparently) your current state? I’m sorry; that seems like such a weak answer in light of your situation, but without knowing your areas of expertise, etc. it’s all I can think of . . .

  • Guest

    Educate yourself further or accept less pay. Millions of people from other countries are doing this in the hopes to have even a fraction of what you have now.

    • embo66

      You clearly remain untouched by either empathy for your fellow man — or a decent knowledge of reality. You’re clueless. And you’re clueless whether your name is Guest OR Extra Bullet.

    • Mary Klymkiw

      It doesn’t matter if you’re 62. My husband is both retraining himself, and willing to accept $25,000 per year; and no one STILL wants him because of his age. The problem is economic, and discriminatory, and much bigger than you realize.

    • Yeah lets see, how does someone who has attempted furthering their own education even going to pay for it if unemployed? Seriously? I already have one student loan in defunct and having my taxes garnished because of it, which until I have a job to get it back in in good standing, can’t get a new loan to finish school.

      There are programs out there to help pay for it, however, you have to wait in line and for my current field of study the line is over 3 year wait so by the time I do get a chance to get it I most likely won’t qualify for it cause now I have a job paying me 43% of what I use to make 2 years ago. Barely able to pay my bills, living out of an extended stay hotel, and walking from the hotel to work (3.5 miles) daily, rain or shine.

  • Joey and Starving Son

    Wow how can you no heart having bastards send the Ukraine 1 Billion dollars ? On top of it all to help fix their Economy!!!!!!!!!!!! What about the U.S. Economy? We’re doing (GREAT) what planet are you idiots from ????????????????????? Give me a F______ Break…

  • Orval Burk

    the rich get richer with more slaves,keep paying them in your taxes, keep putting you money into there banks and keep getting nothing but nsa,fbi cia and obama..nothing but a bunch of crooks

  • Orval Burk

    great,do the right thing,get no were,i take the bus,drugs take the can spot them from a half a mile.but cops pay no mind.they are no working at mkds.there on there cell, still cops pay no mind.they ride the maz free,still cops pay no mind.they give me bad services in long are we going to let this country slip away.of i had a car i would go to the with house a pant it black.

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