Obamacare is Working, But Millions Remain Uninsured

Robert Reich, conceding the “worst roll-out conceivable,” declares that Obamacare “seems to be working.”

“After decades of rising percentages of Americans’ lacking health insurance, the uninsured rate has dropped to its lowest levels since 2008.”

“Meanwhile, the rise in health care costs has slowed drastically. No one knows exactly why, but the new law may well be contributing to this slowdown by reducing Medicare overpayments to medical providers and private insurers, and creating incentives for hospitals and doctors to improve quality of care.”

But millions remain uninsured due to a variety of reasons, according to an AP report.

“Across the country, many of the uninsured just don’t know much about the health overhaul and its March 31 deadline for enrolling in plans that can yield big discounts, researchers say.”

Reich attributes much of the inertia to “misinformation.”

“None of this is beyond repair, though. As more Americans sign up and see the benefits, others will take note and do the same.”

Wellness Works Hub: Obamacare wellness regulations finalized.

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  • zappa24

    We need to be careful about saying that the percentage of Americans without health insurance has been generally increasing for several decades. It is more correct to say that the percentage of non-elderly Americans without health insurance has been generally increasing for several decades (this is much more correct and just as damning to the old system).

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