Obamacare Enrollment Could Top 7 Million

Bruce Japsen, Forbes: With one day left to sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration said Sunday the healthcare.gov website has supported more than 8 million visits since last Sunday.

“The last-minute surge of customers could put the 7 million number within reach if the calls and site visits turn into people actually selecting plans, according to statistics released this afternoon. The final day of open enrollment is Monday, March 31 to obtain coverage yet this year.

“‘Over the past week the site has handled record consumer demand well – supporting more than 8.7 million visits since last Sunday, with 2 million alone this weekend,’ the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said.”


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  • Lorehead

    Let’s hope so, although the importance of the 6 million or 7 million number is mostly symbolic. For next year’s premiums, the proportion of sick to healthy people is what matters. (The number of last-minute sign-ups is a good omen for that, since it stands to reason that people who didn’t worry about having health insurance for three months are healthy.) For coverage, the number of uninsured and underinsured people left is what matters.

    But the number of sign-ups has become symbolic. The Obama-haters who seized on the number of sign-ups as a talking-point when it seemed opportune are not going to concede that the law is a success if it blows up in their faces, because nothing that happens in the real world will ever change their minds. But at least everyone can see how foolish they are.

    • JoeDrager

      We can see that you live your life comfortably with your head inserted deep in Obama’s a$$.

      • Lorehead

        So, it would be fair to say that you are not going to concede the law was a success if the number of enrollments beats expectations?

        • sglick

          I agree Lorehead, while largely symbolic, Conservatives and the Tea Party will now scream that the number of people who actually ‘paid’ is the only measure of success for the ACA. This kind of last second moving the goalposts is typical of a group of people who are so opposed to the idea of the ACA, they haven’t proposed their own ways of dealing with growing healthcare cost beyond believing they can pray away any and all medical problems (that is, if they even get sick…as seemingly everyone who doesn’t like the law, Rush/Drudge/Kristol et al has never gotten sick a day in their life and don’t understand why anyone would want health insurance…especially if they make more than a million a year and can just pay as they go to the doctor).

          • Lorehead

            The other talking-point I’m noticing is the idea that all those people had insurance before. (Not true: that’s only if you count people who bought outside the exchanges.)

  • JoeDrager

    Obama enrollment could top 7 million. Enrollees actually paying could top 75.

    • Lorehead

      One difference I’ve noticed between the left-wing and the right-wing blogosphere is that liberal blogs typically link to the original source of whatever claim they’re making, with a “h/t” to the person who linked it to them. Conservative blogs play games of Telephone. The idea that 20% of enrollees will never pay their premiums is unrealistic wishful thinking. (Also, the effect of that would be that they don’t get insurance, and why would people who don’t care if they don’t get insurance think that’s even a problem?)

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