Is Repealing Obamacare Now Impossible?

Megan McArdle: The “chart here shows what actual enrollment would look like, depending on how many plans are ultimately selected and how bad the attrition rate is over the first few months of operations. As you can see, it ends up below the CBO’s projection in most cases, sometimes far below. But if signups accelerate significantly, and attrition is minimal, the exchanges may hit the CBO number. Especially when you take into account the de facto extension of open enrollment at least into April.”

“Does that mean that Obamacare will basically be beyond repeal, as its supporters hope? It certainly makes things harder.”

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  • humanoidpanda

    What I find wonderful about this is that ms. MBA from Chicago conveniently neglects to mention 2 key facts on the upside re: the CBO estimates.
    1. Registration is open to people with qualifying life events, and on a national scale, we are talking about something like 200-300k potential clients a month in the off-peak season.
    2. There are probably as many as 3-4 million off exchange enrollments into QHPs that don’t count toward the CBO estimate but are part of the risk pool. As those plans have all the benefits of ACA, mostly that they cannot be dropped if one gets sick, no one is going to be able to roll those back, and they need to be added to the total ACA tally-sheet.

  • pisher

    It’s reached the point where it can’t be repealed–it can, however, be undermined–as Republicans have repeatedly tried to undermine Medicare, without admitting they are trying to do that.

    They will gradually transition towards a position comparable to their position on Medicare–it will take years, maybe decades, but that’s how it will end up.

    The irony here is that if they could get Medicare to look like Obamacare in the way it’s structured and supported, they’d consider that a win.

  • JoeDrager

    No. Next question?

  • TravisJSays


    The bizarre media whitewash of Obamacare here and elsewhere is putting lipstick on a pig. No matter the level of legall-required signups induced by this trillion-dollar risky scheme, it is still a stinkburger and will remain so. The Obama sycophants like that above author may wish that Obamacare is as permanent as a case of herpes, but alas, its about as painfui and unpopular as herpes as well.

    The real question is “How long will America suffer under the crippleware that is Obamacare?”, for its repeal and replacement is an absolute requirement if we are to correct and fix a broken healthcare system made more broken and worse by Obamacare. When will we be free of the egregious mandates that deny healthcare freedom and cost millions the healthcare plans, making a lie out of “if you like your plan, you can keep it”?

    The attempt to construct a ‘no turning back’ scenario misses the point 100%. The Obamacare status quo is a mess and that is wholly unacceptable.

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