Are the Obamacare Enrollment Numbers ‘Bogus?’

Dean Chambers, founder of, pronounced in a Tuesday post that “the Obamacare enrollments numbers are bogus. They don’t even know how many have really paid for what they supposedly signed up for, and the ‘back end’ for the billing process of the Obamacare web site is not even functioning yet.”

Talking Points Memo: “Sadly, that’s about as far as Chambers gets in explaining his rationale. The Obama administration lied about unemployment to win reelection, so of course, they would lie about enrollment for the president’s signature health care law, he says.”

“It’s worth remembering that Chambers has company in high places, including the No. 4 Republican senator who accused the Obama administration of “cooking the books.”

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  • JamesInCA

    The Nate Silver of the right speaks again.

    It worked out so well last time.

  • sglick

    Odd, how when Pres. Bush was in office, NO numbers were EVER questioned. Yet now, suddenly everyone (well, not everyone…just clowns on the right) want to QUESTION every single statistic that comes from this White House (even if how such numbers are collected and/or reported during previous presidential administrations….remains exactly the same). Its one thing to be a partisan hack, it’s another to be just a simple hypocrite.

  • lookolook

    Bogus accusations by bogus good-for-nothing human lying machines.

  • shaysite

    It’s encouraging that the idiot from unskewed polls thinks that ACA numbers are bogus. Now we know for sure that they are not.

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