Obamacare’s Success: It’s the Mix That’s Important

Jason Millman points out that the “future success of the law will depend on the mix of enrollees – have enough healthy people signed up to help offset the costs of sicker patients?”

“Further, it’s going to depend on the mix of enrollees in each specific state, since there are 51 unique insurance markets (including the District of Columbia) that are now all living under this system.”

“Other things we don’t know yet: How many of the previously uninsured signed up for private plans or Medicaid? How many people skipped the exchanges and signed up directly with insurers? How well did insurers predict their mix of enrollees in 2014? Will people actually like the coverage they now have?”

Millman asks for “patience which is pretty hard when this law is under constant attack and the administration tightly controls the information that it releases.”

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