Supreme Court Yields to Loudest Voice in Politics

The New York Times Editorial Board comments on Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision to eliminate caps on aggregate campaign contributions.

“Make no mistake, like other rulings by the Roberts court that have chipped away at campaign-finance regulations in recent years, the McCutcheon decision is less about free speech than about giving those few people with the most money the loudest voice in politics.”

“The real losers in the McCutcheon case are the vast majority of average Americans without barrels of cash to dump on elections. Even the now-invalidated aggregate caps were extremely high, and only very few contributors ever reached them.”

“Thanks to Wednesday’s decision, the interests of the very few wealthiest Americans — which differ significantly from those of most Americans — will now get even more outsize consideration by legislators.”

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  • mrmsjb12

    I just wish they would pass some laws to stop all the lying and cheating

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