Chief Justice Roberts: A Deft Politician

John Cassidy observes that Chief Justice Roberts is a “deft politician” for navigating his way through support of Obamacare to arrive at a justifiable reason for striking down the cap on aggregate campaign contributions.

“Roberts evidently feels confident enough to continue the Court’s assault on the campaign-finance laws, which is fast emerging as the signature contribution of his tenure.”

“Wednesday’s decision, once again a five-to-four ruling, represented another significant step away from the antiquated principle of ‘one person, one vote’ toward the more modern, and utilitarian, notion of ‘one dollar, one vote.’”

Adam Liptak sees Wednesday’s ruling as a sign that more campaign finance dominoes could fall.

“According to experts in election law, there is no reason to think that the march toward deregulating election spending will stop with the ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.

“’My fear is that the court’s next target is the most revered pillar of campaign finance: public financing,’ [Yale Law] Professor Gerken said. ‘The lines are in the water, and we’ll see if the Roberts court bites.’”

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