Fox News Rarely Gets Climate Change Right

A new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that 28% of Fox News’s reporting on climate change in 2013 was accurate — a big improvement from the 7% accuracy rating in 2012.

As Dylan Byers notes, other networks achieved far greater accuracy: “70% of CNN’s 43 segments on climate change were entirely accurate, while 92% of MSNBC’s 132 segments on climate change were entirely accurate.”

The Guardian: “These findings help explain why Americans tend to be relatively poorly informed about climate change. 38% of American adults watch cable news, with Fox News having the largest viewership. Only two-thirds of Americans accept that climate change is occurring, and less than half of Americans recognize that it is largely due to human activities. This is a stark contrast to the 97% expert consensus on human-caused global warming.”

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  • Jesse4

    Yet another way Fox makes people stupid.

  • Dave

    Wrong link for first link.

  • embo66

    Interesting how the network lambasted for being “partisan for liberals” — MSNBC — is also the most accurate.

    So can we now start to drop all this false equivalence nonsense? This insane world where a conservative — and wildly LYING — network can be countered only by an equally partisan “liberal” network? How about we just call MSNBC a news network?

    Actually, I realize it’s too late for that, as MSNBC itself has now bought into that whole stupid meme. But we used to live in a world where people weren’t afraid to call a network like Fox News on their constant fallacies . . . You know, the world that used to have real TV journalists in it.

  • Art Bagnall

    If you are watching FOX you are already stupid. It just helps it set in.
    MSNBC IS trying to follow the FOX mold but you just can’t top conservatives when it comes to racism, hatred, and lying.
    While MSNBC has driven me away with its constant complaining about what conservatives say and do, it does deliver more streams of opinion than CNN or, hahaha, FOX.
    It’s not unusual for Rachel Maddow to have a full-throated right wing Republican on her show.
    Same for Chris Matthews, and he’s more likely to have a top political Republican operative on than, say, “Christ” Hayes who seems like he’s on meth since he moved form the weekend and is starting to remind me of Bill O.
    MSNBC needs a reboot with Keith O.

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