More Proof Obamacare is Working

Wall Street Journal: A new study released Tuesday by the Rand Corp. “shows 9.3 million Americans gained insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act took full effect, though most who bought policies through newly established exchanges weren’t uninsured and employers accounted for much of the rise in the newly covered.”

“Rand found that the nation’s uninsured rate dropped to 15.8% in mid-March from 20.5% in September, which was before open enrollment started for the exchanges.”

“The report estimates that in total, 14.5 million people gained insurance since last fall while 5.2 million lost coverage, for the net gain of 9.3 million.”

“Rand’s survey found that enrollment in Medicaid … increased by 5.9 million people as of mid-March. It found that most new enrollees were previously uninsured, though some transferred from other government insurance programs.”

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  • m141934a

    Ha! Your math is as bad as the liar i chief’s math…

    • artring

      Facts are hard for you, huh!

    • ralph_wiggam

      Ya, that leftist, non credible rag the Wall Street Journal has HORRIBLE math skills.

      Do you even know how these websites work?

  • James Wordsmith

    Without more information on the “net 9.3 million newly insured”, it’s a folly to state the ObamaCare is “working”. But at least there’s no claim that ObamaCare is a success.

    When all the statistics and results are made public (not likely soon), we’ll see how little ObamaCare/ACA accomplished at great cost and disruption.

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