Lack of Obamacare Alternative is Prescription for GOP Irrelevance

Doyle McManus cautions that the recent positive Obamacare enrollment numbers don’t “mean Obamacare is guaranteed to succeed. The program still faces a series of difficult tests — most important, keeping costs under control so insurance premiums don’t soar in coming years.”

“But the enrollment numbers do mean that the main argument Republicans hurled against the law — that it was doomed to collapse — is looking weaker than ever.”

“They also mean that Democrats now have a chance to shift the healthcare debate from whether the law should be repealed to how to improve it.”

“If 10 million people or more have gained health insurance thanks to Obama’s long-derided law, they’re going to want to see a fully fleshed-out replacement before they jump ship. The Republicans haven’t provided one, and that’s a prescription for irrelevance.”
“‘The debate over repealing this law is over,’ Obama said last week. Maybe. But the debate over fixing the law has only just begun.”
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  • Unsphexish

    “‘The debate over repealing this law is over,’ Obama said last week. Maybe. But the debate over fixing the law has only just begun.”

    “No it isn’t! Let’s redouble our efforts!” Good move by Obama. Either Republicans agree with him and move on to fixing or replacing the law (and their nutty proposals will not likely get them anywhere), or they’ll oppose him just to oppose him, and continue digging their own political irrelevancy grave.

  • UnionLeague

    The only thing the Republicans are interested in, is turning the United States into the Confederate States of America. Everything else is just window dressing.

  • Bambie Tibon

    Weighing your options in health insurance now seems impossible with ObamaCare. But you do not have to worry about this even if you enrolled yourself in ObamaCare because there is an ultimate solution for it found in this video in

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The Republicans have really made voting in the next elections a priority, for those more than two million unemployed workers, which were affected terribly by the failure of the Republicans to pass the unemployment extension bill in the senate. Their total lack of compassion and human decency has caused these millions of families untold suffering and financial damage over the last four months, since running out of their benefits. Senators such as John Boehner, had made every effort to have the bill killed in the senate, and him and his Republican cronies have intentionally dragged their feet and made countless delays, hoping it will go away. These politicians, in their soft jobs and affluent lifestyle, have paid little concern to the plight of these families who had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. They continued taking their numerous senate breaks and vacations, while these families were struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their tables at home. This is the party that represents itself as being “the party for family values”. It’s clear that these senators have no family values, but perhaps for their own families. Last week the congress approved a billion dollar or more foreign aid package for the Ukraine. The passing of the package in the congress was swift without delay. However, the same can’t be said about the passing of the unemployment bill. When it comes to spending tax payer’s dollars on foreign aid, and corporate welfare, and Banking and Airline Bailouts, but there’s always a “budgetary concern” when the subject are the poor in this country. This surely isn’t right in a great country like ours.

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