Michelle Rhee: Don’t Give up on Standardized Testing

Michelle Rhee comments on a “new and problematic movement within public education to convince parents to pull their children from participating in any standardized testing.”

“This makes no sense. All parents want to know how their children are progressing and how good the teachers are in the classroom. Good educators also want an assessment of how well they are serving students, because they want kids to have the skills and knowledge to succeed.”

“Tests serve many purposes: They chart progress. They identify strengths and weaknesses. They help professionals reach competency in their careers. All these measures are critical to improving public schools.”

“It’s our civic duty to make sure these kids are ready. And right now, we’re failing.”

“We don’t need to opt out of standardized tests; we need better and more rigorous standardized tests in public schools. Well-built exams can tell us whether the curriculum is adequate. They can help teachers hone their skills. They can let parents know whether their child’s school is performing on par with the one down the street, or on par with schools in the next town or the neighboring state.”

“Ultimately, students and educators need test data — opting out does a disservice to both. And it risks endangering the progress that all of our children need.”

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  • Gregory Williams

    She could care less if she is wrong or not – she just wants to control it all like a Dictator – the facts show she is wrong to push this and testing the way she wants takes chunks out of actual education time and leads to teachers teaching the test to protect their income and leads to less education over all.

    her so called record is not that good and has been over hyped to make it seem as if she is some kind of super problem solver when it comes to educational problems – she is another jet around the world elitist engaging in a politically and community divisive actions and is not the expert she portrays herself to be and she has not ever provided consistent long term results that prove to be better than the system she tore down.

    Ignore her and get back to proven progressive comprehensive education systems we had before REAGAN and other conservatives dumbed down education to turn out worker drones rather than educated thinking for themselves citizens.

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