More Encouraging Obamacare News

Jonathan Cohn finds more encouraging news from the recent Rand Corporation’s Obamacare study that estimates 9.3 million Americans now have health insurance.

“It was another finding in the study that caught my attention:

Less than one million [people] who previously had individual market insurance transitioned to being uninsured. While we cannot tell if these people lost their insurance due to cancellation or because they simply felt the cost was too high, the overall number represents less than one percent of people between the ages of 18 and 64.

“Republicans and their supporters frequently say that 5 million people “lost” health insurance, … Sometimes Republicans and their supporters imply that these people actually ended up uninsured. But if Rand is right—and, again, there’s no way to be sure right now—then it would appear most people who lost their old plans were able to get new ones instead. That’s consistent with anecdotal reports from insurers.”

“In short, not all the 4.8 million people who lost their old coverage are worse off. It’s not even clear that a majority of them are. That’s one more reason the case against Obamacare may be even weaker than you’ve heard.”

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  • southerndemnut

    It is highly likely that the few that transitioned to uninsured while being insured before probably held comparatively poor policies. It is also likely that they were purchasing those policies on their own as opposed to having their policy cancelled by an employer. I have heard of some cases of small businesses transitioning their employees to the exchange with a stipend that all but eliminates the employee cost, but yet to hear about large scale situations where employed people simply dropped out of the system altogether. It would be unrealistic, in a country of 313+ million people, that there would not be ANY dislocated people but the data as we are seeing it is that the movement is in the right direction.

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