• Cedric

    It sucks that two GOP appointed judges made the panel. But if they do rule in favor of same sex marriage rights then that sends a powerful message about where this issue likely ends up.

    • Nick Scanlan

      Its not the end of the world. Many of the judges that have ruled in favor of gay marriage so far have been conservative appointees.

    • Rhysem

      And regardless of the outcome, this will get appealed to the full circuit, anyway.

    • teapartyidiots

      I think the 10th upholds the lower court. Eventually, the Texas case will make it to the 5th, they’ll uphold bigotry, and SCOTUS will have to step in.

    • darthgidget

      yes, it would have been much better if three democrat appointed black judges made the decision- because blacks are by far and wide the most vocal opponents of gay marriage. just saying- not a republican or democrat issue. but a judicial one.

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