Reactions to the Sebelius Resignation

Jonathan CohnSebelius deserves much of the blame: “The technological failures of … and the failure to anticipate a wave of private plan cancellations—represented low points for the cause of health care reform, the Obama presidency, and liberalism more generally. HHS was in charge of Obamacare implementation and Sebelius was in charge of HHS.”

“What Obamacare needed more was a deft, aggressive manager.”

Ezra Klein:Obamacare has won. And that’s why Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius can resign … Sebelius can leave with her head held high. She can leave with the law she helped build looking, shockingly, like a success.”

David Graham  — It’s political: Sebelius’ “departure might offer the Democrats some political distance from Obamacare’s turbulent launch ahead of the midterm elections.

WSJ Editorial Board: It’s about accountability: “The White House kept [Sebelius] around through the fiasco last fall because letting her go then would have been admitting that not all was well. It also would have meant a confirmation hearing for a replacement while millions of Americans were losing insurance they liked.”

Amy DavidsonIt’s a victory… sort of: “The Obama Administration has decided that Obamacare has a real chance of being the sort of victory they’d always envisioned. That means that Sebelius’s departure … won’t have to represent a surrender.

But: “From the perspective of the Obama Administration, the rollout—Sebelius’s rollout—made something majestic look grubby.”

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