Obamacare Enrollment Likely to Push Past 8 Million

The Hill: “Enrollment in ObamaCare’s new health insurance exchanges is likely to grow past eight million, as some states are still letting people sign up for insurance beyond this year’s official enrollment deadline.”

“At least eight states and the District of Columbia are still allowing people to register for health plans, according to news reports and an April 14 analysis by consulting firm Avalere Health.”

Sarah Kliff: “Medicaid enrollment has grown much faster than the 24 states that haven’t expanded their Medicaid programs.”


Other sources of coverage are growing too: “In advance of the individual mandate, research suggests people are signing up for employer-sponsored insurance in greater numbers — and buying individual plans off the exchanges.”

“Charles Gaba … estimates that between 2 to 5 million people have purchased individual policies outside the exchange.”

“Lastly, research from the RAND Corporation suggests that about 7.2 million people have gained employer-sponsored coverage since the health law’s insurance expansion began.”

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  • lookolook

    Millions of lives are involved. These are real people, flesh and blood. Politics should be at the back burner on this, but the Republicans just won’t let go. Politically, they’ve beaten it to death already. From now onwards, I suspect that the law of diminishing returns has already set in, on this, for them, and if they’re wise they’ll let go, but they won’t.

    • David Gius

      GOPers think not having health care insurance is some kind of freedom. If they get sick they will see that freedom is having you savings destroyed. Getting poor care and maybe something worse.

      • lookolook

        The wickedness of the undeveloped human is limitless.

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