Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

Politico: “The Supreme Court delivered another setback to affirmative action Tuesday, easing the way for states to bar public colleges from considering race in admissions.”

“The 6-2 decision upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment that bans preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin. The ban on affirmative action applies not only to admissions decisions at public colleges, but also to state hiring and contracting practices.”

“Opponents argued that the ban imposed an unfair and unreasonable burden on minorities. When it came to college admissions, for instance, other interest groups — rural students, say, or low-income students — could petition public universities to grant them special consideration. But women, African-Americans and others covered by the ban could not ask for similar treatment without first amending the state constitution.”

“Supporters, led by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, argued that banning discrimination by race could not possibly be considered a discriminatory act.”

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  • DeShaunSanders

    Nice to see SCOTUS rule that equal treatment under the law actually means EQUAL equal…not that ridiculous “some are more equal than others” nonsense.
    It’s almost comical (though rather sad) to hear Justice Sotamayor trying to tell us that having to treat everyone the same somehow prevents “equal treatment”.

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