A Medicaid Expansion Success Story

According to National Journal‘s Health Care Edge newsletter, “Arkansas’ privatized version of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion — seen as a model for other red states — seems to be working. Nearly 70 percent of eligible residents signed up for the program within the first six months, the state Department of Human Services said. That’s a strong start for the program, which uses federal funding from the health care law’s Medicaid expansion to move low-income residents into private insurance plans. It’s widely seen as a model to bring other red states into the Medicaid expansion, and Arkansas still has all year to bring more people into the system.”


David Ramsey of the Arkansas Times writes: “we ought to give thanks that lawmakers in Arkansas found a way forward to do right by our neediest citizens.” He calls for patience with the holdout states and points out that “it took states several years to adopt the original Medicaid program too:”


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