Southerners Dislike Obamacare But Want it to Stay

New York Times: A majority in Kentucky, Louisiana and North Carolina “would rather that Congress improve his signature health care law than repeal and replace it, according to a New York Times Upshot/Kaiser Family Foundation poll.”

“The poll also found that a majority of Kentucky residents – and a plurality in a fourth state, Arkansas — said they thought the health care marketplace in their state was working well, even as they expressed strong disapproval of the health care law. More than twice as many Kentuckians say their state exchange is working well than say it is not.”

“National polls have identified the sentiment before, but the fact that it surfaced in four states that voted Republican in the last election underscored just how deeply it is held.”

“A poll in four states — all with political races that could tip the balance of power in the Senate — showed broad distaste for the law, but found that people would rather have it improved than repealed.”

“Perhaps more surprising were views on Medicaid … When asked what states should do about Medicaid, the respondents offered substantial support for expansion.”

Obamacare “does not seem to have substantially harmed the Democratic governors of Arkansas and Kentucky, who have approval rates of 65 percent and 55 percent respectively.”

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  • Unsphexish

    “We hate it! More please!”

    • Lorehead

      Sounds like Republicans have reached the civil-unions stage on Obamacare: not ready to admit they were wrong, but ready to take a face-saving compromise.

    • Ygorbla

      What they hate about it is the word “Obama” in its title.

      • Unsphexish

        Given they named it that themselves, I am not at all cut up about that.

      • fr0thing

        Racist. The only reason why you support Obama is because he’s half-black.

        • Ygorbla

          I think Obama is one of the better presidents we’ve had recently, and I feel that most of what he’s done has moved this country in the right direction.

          Obviously I don’t agree with everything, and I wish he’d been able to get an outright public option or single-payer healthcare system rather than the moderate-conservative version we ended up with, but it’s an improvement. Same with most other things — I think he’s done well with the hand he was dealt.

          Certainly I think he’s a vast improvement over the idiot Republicans whose rabid deregulation crashed the economy shortly before he came into office.

    • allah_speaking

      So how long have you been a free-loading member of American society?

      • Ygorbla

        Overall, it’s liberal-leaning urbanites who support American society (in terms of paying more into the government in taxes than they get in services); it’s conservative-leaning rural voters who are more likely to be freeloaders.

        I think it’s interesting! Democrats tend to be from parts of the country that consume less per capita in social services and pay more in taxes, yet they support taxes and social services; while Republicans tend to be from rural areas that have a lot of people on welfare, while hating the programs that disproportionately benefit them.

        My theory is that it’s mostly based on shame — it’s a cultural thing. They are taught that their race and gender means that they are guaranteed success, so low-income white male voters feel emasculated when they have to rely on government programs to get by, even temporarily, and this makes them eager to listen to anyone who gives them a target to blame. Hating the government programs they rely on is only natural in that situation.

        It’s silly, of course. Economies are huge and sometimes larger economic trends will make the job you spent your life training for become less useful, resulting in lower income. It’s nobody’s fault, and it’s a natural part of the government’s role to smooth over such jolts in the market; and there’s no shame in being in that position.

        Urbanites are more used to the idea of how huge and complicated their world is, so they understand that better.

  • dogpal

    Having your Obamacare/ACA and keeping it, too?

    So difficult to give credit or help in our split country today. Pretty PATHETIC!
    We badly need AttitudeCare Adjustment?

  • southerndemnut

    So Alison Grimes can run a bunch of ads saying “McConnell wants to take away KYnect.” And she would be completely true. How ironic.

  • Official Teabagger

    Silly Teabaggers.

    • allah_speaking

      So how long have you been slurping at the Obama spooge fountain?

  • fr0thing



    A majority of people are idiots.


    “a New York Times Upshot/Kaiser Family Foundation poll”. LOL, would you expect any different results?

  • LoveAmerica

    Ocare is really not about healthcare, look at the bill and read it, read it good. Sickening to the core with massive power over the ppl….

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