The Obamacare Debate Rages On

Bill Schneider examines why the Obamacare debate rages on despite the fact that it is working.

Ideologues. “Conservatives will never agree that it’s working — no matter what the evidence shows. They’re ideologues.”

Fears of a new social welfare program. “Obamacare is supposed to be an entitlement program, like Social Security and Medicare … Programs targeted by need have always been controversial … A lot of better off people don’t like the idea of paying subsidies to those who don’t think health insurance is important or who don’t take care of themselves.”

David Axelrod: “It is viewed more as a social welfare program than a social insurance program.”

It will be worse than what they have now. “People’s biggest concern about Obamacare has always been that it will take what they already have and like and make it worse.”

Premiums will escalate. “Last week, the [CBO] announced that insurance premiums under Obamacare are expected rise by less than 3 percent in 2015 — a smaller increase than expected. If that turns out not to be true, there could be a huge political backlash.”

Election fears. “The groups that are benefiting most from Obamacare are not the groups most likely to vote in a midterm election … Republicans see the 2014 midterm as a national referendum on Obamacare.”

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    The Washington Post polls just came out and Obamacare is losing the battle of public opinion badly.
    The upshot: It costs too much, gives too little.

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