A Good Time to Find a Job?

Gallup: “Thirty percent of Americans now say it a good time to find a quality job, continuing the positive trend on this indicator since it reached its recent low point of 8% in 2011. This is the most optimistic Americans have been about the job market since early 2008.”

Despite the positive upward trend, “while Americans’ views of the job market continue their gradual recovery from the depths to which they descended several years ago, two-thirds of Americans still say that it is not a good time to find a quality job, underscoring the difficult path to a full economic recovery.”

Trend of Americans saying now is a good time to find a quality job

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  • Unsphexish

    Will it ever be time to find a quality job ever again? The economy continues to shift to a service orientation, manufacturing continues to bleed away overseas, and other countries are increasingly competing for high-paying technical professions.


    The Republican party has done a huge disservice to itself, for taking the position against the unemployment extension bill in the senate. With 2.6 Million angry potential voters having been affected by their refusal to pass the bill; the coming election will prove to be the Republican’s downfall. These families were left hung out to dry since late last December, and they will not forget the anguish that they have suffered because of it. Many of these families have become ruined financially, they have witnessed their credit being destroyed, they have faced evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. How can they not forget which party was at fault for this? The Republicans have been using these families for political leverage, and bargaining chips, to further their party’s political agenda. They have shown their party’s true distain for the Average American family, and the suffering that these families have been going through being jobless without benefits to support their children. Senators like John Boehner are what makes the Republican party look bad in the people’s eyes. As a “FORMER” Republican of many years, I can honestly say that I will NEVER vote for another Republican again, and actively persuade my friends and family not to likewise. The Republican party will find itself VOTED OUT in the next election.

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