Without Obamacare Q1 Growth Would Have Been Negative

Zero Hedge: “Here is a shocker: for all the damnation Obamacare, which according to poll after poll is loathed by a majority of the US population, has gotten if it wasn’t for the (government-mandated) spending surge resulting from Obamacare, which resulted in the biggest jump in Healthcare Services spending in the past quarter in history and added 1.1% to GDP.”

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  • LordDart

    Shuuuush! Don’t tell the GOP! If they want to run on all the damage Obamacare is doing, who are we to let facts dissuade them?

  • Drucifer

    Is that actually a sentence? I’ve read it three times, and I’m still pretty sure it’s missing a clause. And the commas appear to have been thrown in randomly after the fact.

  • Serolf Divad

    But, but, but… I thought Obamacare was going to wreck the economy and cause millions of job losses. LOL.

  • Joe
  • pateriot

    Q1 was had a GDP revised dramatically downward to a negative 2.9 or 3.9 (can’t remember which). So much for the wet dream of ecstasy this article created for Liberals!

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