Obamacare Enrollment Outpaces Expectations

Avalere: “A new analysis from Avalere Health finds that exchange enrollment meets or exceeds expectations in 22 states (44%), even after accounting for any attrition due to nonpayment of premiums. Assuming 15 percent of enrollees do not take the final enrollment step and pay their premiums, over 6.8 million people who enrolled through April 19 will have coverage effective as of May 1.”

Caroline Pearson, Vice President at Avalere: “Even after accounting for potential non-payment, enrollment exceeds 100 percent of projections in nearly half of states.”

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  • Linda Perry

    Data, Facts, Truth are no longer the Goal in reporting for The National Press nor are they the Goal best used by the GOP to gain support.

    In US…..even the courts are now ruling that LYING, Distorting, Half Truths, Manufactured LIES are part of the 1st Amendment.


    If that were the case, How on Green Earth did our Founding Fathers managed to set up our system of Gov’t?

    238 yrs later, those men will be disgusted with our falling and failing system of gov’t.

  • Linda Perry

    Wake the Eff up America and stop the erosion of our system of Gov’t being currently destroyed by the SCOTUS under Roberts, the TBGOPers, the KOCHroaches, the 1% and the US Media.

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