Climate Change is Already Hurting Us

Wall Street Journal: “Climate change is having a present-day, negative impact on Americans’ everyday lives and damaging the U.S. economy as extreme weather brings flooding, droughts and other disasters to every region in the country, a federal advisory committee has concluded.”

“The congressionally mandated National Climate Assessment, produced by more than 300 experts overseen by a panel of 60 scientists, concludes that the nation has already suffered billions of dollars in damages from severe weather-related disruptions, which it says will continue to get worse.”

The report “details the effects of climate change on every state in the country and every sector of the economy, from rapidly receding ice in Alaska to heat waves and coastal flooding in the Northeast. Rising seas in the South put major cities such as Miami at risk, it says.”

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Los Angeles Times: “The paper tackles in plain English and swift strokes the arguments that climate contrarians generally use to deny that man-made climate change is occurring. The report states, for example, that satellite data show that the warming has not been caused by greater solar activity or by volcanic eruptions.”

New York Times: “The administration hopes to use the report to shore up public support for the president’s climate policies as he attempts to put new regulations in place to limit emissions… Some Republican members of Congress have contended that the science of global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a global conspiracy of climate scientists, a point of view Mr. Obama has mocked as comparable to belief in a flat earth. Other Republicans concede that climate change caused by human activity is real, but nonetheless fear — as do some Democrats — that the president’s policies will destroy jobs for miners and hurt the broader economy.”

Washington Post: “Early reception of the report reflects the deep partisan divide over climate that fractures along party lines, and even has finer breaks within each party, between liberals and progressives and mainline conservatives and Tea Party factions.”

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  • I think the only real opposition to Climate Change is the Koch brother’s bank accounts. If we could theoretically commandeer that, opposition would immediately be nil.

  • Unsphexish
  • carlos

    I have scientists on “my side” of the issue equally or more prestigious than yours. They don’t change the fact that there’s been no temperature increase in almost 20 years. The hockey stick is long gone, and yet another prominent official is caught with another gross of secret emails. Increasing the frequency of the hysteria will change nothing, and the notion that the weather of recent years is outside of historical variables is pure rubbish.Tell me, Mr. Goddard, was the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s caused by global warming? It was certainly more extreme than the weather we are experiencing today.

    • moderatesunite

      “no temperature increase in almost 20 years”

      wow you even have the audacity to say that lie on a article showing the rise in temperature in each of the last decades.

      The graph above shows what you said is a lie, but once again if you need more evidence.

      Care to site a source for your “scientists on your side”

      you might be able to find someone paid by the fossil fuel industry to tell that “side” but if last years scientific literature is any indication it will take some serious searching

      • Hadris Ellsberg

        Due to the Sun’s de Vries cycle, German scientists Luedecke and Weiss predict that the earth’s heading back to climate conditions like the “little ice age” of the late 1800s.

        • moderatesunite

          If natural cycles are going to start cooling us off, it had better start soon. It would have to be a incredibly quick drop to get back to 1870 levels before 2100.
          Until then, i’ll go with the IPCC’s number crunching that there is a 95% chance that humans are mostly responsible for the warming of the last century.

  • Hadris Ellsberg

    There’s been no statistically significant warming in about 17 years.

    • moderatesunite

      The easily refuted lie returns to see why this is an easily refuted lie see chart above or the link in my reply to Carlos below

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